How to earn money Testing Video Games

How to earn money Testing Video Games

I’m a games tester and that i earn money testing video games. You are able to certainly create a decent earnings testing video games. It appears too good to be real right – located on your couch beta testing unreleased video games and becoming compensated for this, but it is a real possibility with the gaming industry being worth 30 billion dollars. Listed here are a couple of tips that will make certain you succeed like a gaming tester.

Tip 1: Do Not Get Scammed With A Gaming Testing Guide

Because games testing is becoming this type of viable income generating chance, so many people are attempting to money in by selling bogus scam guides. They’ll promise you limitless jobs that may pay hundred’s of dollars an hour or so. The truth is this really is crap. I understand this since i purchased a couple of of those guides before stumbling upon the best one which has hooked me track of some good jobs. Browse the bottom want to know , for additional information.

Tip 2: Work Hard At It

I understand a number of you’re most likely poking fun at this comment, but you have to be pro active to achieve success like a gaming tester. You have to make contacts using the job offers and make certain you gaze like a reliable person. Don’t watch for days to resolve emails – demonstrate to them you’re keen and willing to earn money testing video games.

Tip 3: Possess A Couple of Gaming Platforms

This is among the most typical mistakes why people fail like a gaming tester. The truth is the greater gaming systems you have, the greater job’s you’ll be able to consider, and also the more income you’ll be able to create testing video games. An insider tip, is you can generally take advantage money testing Xbox 360 Console games, so would certainly recommend you have that gaming system.


Should you seriously need to make money testing video games and stick to the above tips, there’s without doubt that you’ll be effective. Make certain you remain pro-active and react to all relevant job assignments, and you’ll rapidly earn a reputation on your own like a reliable video games tester.

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