Essential Opportunities in Online Gaming: How It Got Created

Essential Opportunities in Online Gaming: How It Got Created

There are online gaming consoles that connect to our TV. They are more powerful than portable consoles, their size allowing manufacturers to include larger processors, better graphics cards, and more. The fact that the player must use a controller allows the developers to set up more combinations, the controllers having more keys than the portable consoles (which, in return, now have touch screens, and a second screen. The media used (DVD or Blu-Ray) have very large capacities, the developers have a greater freedom when creating their games.

Portable online gaming consoles

These are consoles favored by people who like to play where they want, when they want. Less powerful than home consoles, they compensate for their small screen, which does not require graphics as detailed as on an HDTV.


The support which, thanks to the keyboard, benefits from the greatest number of possible combinations. In addition, the developers have at their disposal material that is constantly improving, and are therefore rarely opposed to constraints (a home console lives for years with the same equipment, and becomes “outdated” after a few years). This is favored support for games played exclusively online.

Arcade bollard:

A machine that is widespread in the 80s / 90s worldwide, but has lost popularity in Europe and North America. The principle is very simple: the player introduces a certain amount into the machine to be able to start a game. Rooms dedicated to this type of practice have emerged around the world, but with the rise of consoles, arcade terminals have become increasingly rare, except in Japan.

Mobile phones and tablets: for years, phones have small games that are intended to pass the time to the user (Snake, break-brick, etc.). Only, with the rise of Android and iOS systems, we notice that more and more elaborate games are developed and made available on dedicated platforms (Android Market or AppStore), whether for free or for a fee.

Presentation of the book and its authors

Now that we have a global idea of ​​the history of video games and the platforms on which we can indulge in this form of electronic entertainment, we will be able to get to the heart of the matter. Finally, almost because, before speaking about the book on which I based myself, it seems to me necessary to present the three researchers who conducted the surveys and transcribed their observations and conclusions in this book.

E-sport from the sites like Run 3 unblocked is about online gaming, mainly on PCs. Players compete in LAN (local, ie they are in the same room on different computers) or via the internet. All types of games are not represented, only a few genres are: FPS, strategy, RPG, simulation, etc. Among the most important titles are: Counter Strike, Doom, Quake, Starcraft, Warcraft, Everquest, etc.

Why talk about sports? Quite simply, because the practice of this type of game has evolved greatly, and that, from now on, a real institution has been created.

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